Why Swimming Lessons During Winter Are Good For Your Child

Winter is a great time for children to continue learning to swim so that they can prepare and be confident for spring and summer months where they’ll be in the water and at the beach. Children need to consistently practise their skills and stopping lessons during winter can lead to them feeling uncomfortable, losing confidence and forgetting what they’ve been taught. Swimming during winter will enable them to continue learning and developing their skills at a time where they won’t otherwise be going in the water or to the beach.

Being out of the water for months can see children lose the skills they’ve been taught and take longer to learn those lessons again. Continuing lessons through winter will mean the investment you’ve made during summer and spring won’t go to waste and they’ll continue their development and progression. Children that swim during winter also have better fitness and a stronger immune system so they can fight off those winter colds and flus.

Our pool is heated so even when it’s cold outside, the pool is perfect for children to enjoy the water. Make sure you dress them in their warm gear before you leave to ensure they don’t get a chill in their wet swimwear, there’s a shower in the change room that is available to use.

We understand children get sick during winter so please remember to let us know if your child can’t make their lesson and organise a make-up lesson for another time when they are better. You get 2 make-up lessons per term.