Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times do classes run?

We run classes Monday through to Saturdays during school terms. Monday to Friday mornings are for before school aged children including babies, toddlers, kindy children. Monday to Thursday afternoons are for school aged children and Saturday mornings we have all ages and abilities.

What age should I start my child?

The earlier the better! We take babies from 3-4 months of age (depending on the child and their development including ability to hold neck/head up and alertness) in our Starfish program which is a great introduction to the aquatic environment. If you child is older and hasn’t had lessons before, now is a great time to start. We’re passionate about teaching children of all ages water safety and learn to swim skills so that they gain a love of the water like we do.

My child is afraid of the water, how do we overcome this?

The aquatic environment can be scary for some children, especially if they have had a bad experience in the water. Starting swimming lessons is the best way to build confidence and safety skills to give your child the best chance of loving the water. Depending on the child and circumstances, we often recommend starting out with a private lesson until your child is comfortable in the environment and confident in the water. Our Instructors are all well trained and know how to work with children who are afraid and scared of the water. There’s nothing better than seeing children grow their confidence and go from being afraid to loving the water and swimming independently.

What level will my child be in?

We have our own specialist learn to swim program which has several levels for different abilities. What level your child will start in will depend on a number of factors including – previous swimming experience, confidence in the water, ability in the water. You can read a brief overview of the levels here.

How long do the classes run for and how many in a group?

Group lessons:

Starfish, Jellyfish and Cuttlefish levels (baby/infants) are 30 minutes long with up to 6 children

Stingrays 1 and 2 levels are 20 minutes long with up to 3 children

Stingrays 3, Goldfish 1, Goldfish 2, Goldfish 3, Angelfish 1, Angelfish 2, Clownfish levels are 30 minutes long with up to 4 children

Mini-squad is 45 minutes with up to 7 children

Semi-private lessons

We offer semi-private lessons for 2 children that wish to swim together that are a similar ability, these lessons are 20 minutes long.

Private lessons

Our one-on-one lessons are 15 minutes long.

Is your pool indoors and/or heated?

Yes, we have our own purpose-built building that is fully enclosed with a 17 metre pool that is heated at 32 degrees all year-round.

What do we need to bring to lessons?

For children starting our baby/infant levels you will need – swimming nappy for baby, comfortable togs/bathers for baby, towels, togs/bathers for parent/guardian getting into the water with baby.

For children in all other levels you will need – comfortable togs/bathers, towel, something warm to change into after lessons during winter.

Do you sell nappies?

We stock Bambooty re-usable swim nappies and sell them for $16.50 including GST. They are an affordable and excellent product that helps us reduce waste plus they have lots of cute designs.

Should my child wear goggles?

Wearing goggles is a personal preference and we understand that some children can have sensitive eyes and they like to wear goggles in the water. However, it is important that children are comfortable and confident in the water without them—this is a key safety skill as if a child were to fall into the water it’s likely they won’t have goggles on and if they have a reliance on them this will cause more panic in the situation. If your child does wish to wear goggles, our Instructors will ask them to take them off during some of the lesson to ensure they are capable swimming without them.

Do you offer make-up lessons if we are away or my child is sick?

We offer 2 make-up lessons per child, per term. This can be used if you will be away or if your child is sick provided you give sufficient notice of the absence. Our policy is available to read in the centre.

How much are lessons and how to we pay?

All of our group classes are $17 per lesson, semi-private classes are $19 per child per lesson, private classes are $23 per lesson and squad is $15 per lesson. We do offer discounts for multiple children attending from the one family.

We run during school terms and book your spot for the entire term so payment is required upfront for the term (or remainder of the term if booking midway). Invoices are emailed out and payment can be made by internet banking or cash. Unfortunately we don’t have Eftpos or credit card facilities.